Iguana Classic

The Classic is instantly recognizable with its center console and wrap around bench seating, while the highly advanced technology makes operation simple and performance agile and dynamic. Carbon fiber, marine grade aluminum and stainless steel ensure the boat is robust, while a simple hydraulic mobility system means easy maintenance.

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Sleek lines, spacious deck and deep V hull make the Iguana Classic a functional, comfortable and social boat. The deployable ladder makes the boat ideal for watersports and easy access for all guests while the versatile deck leaves room for equipment and passengers. Multiple hull colours, deck and trim options give to the new owners a wide range of customisation, the Iguana Classic the perfect sport boat.

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Iguana Classic Deck Deck Layout
Iguana Classic Deck Deck Layout
Iguana Classic Hull Exterior
Iguana Classic Hull Exterior
Iguana Classic Hull Exterior
Iguana Classic Ashore Exterior

Yacht Specifications

Beam:2.74 – 3.10m
Height on land:2.254m
Dry Weight:3000kg +/- 3%
Fuel Capacity:270L
Price:From €330,000*

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