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A word from Michael White | 2023

Affectionately known by the team as Chalky

Chalky has been working with us for 8 years, as our IRREPLACEABLE AND ESSENTIAL YACHT BROKER on a number of weekends every year. As a 7 day a week operation, it is key that the doors remain open and that we have a weekend yacht broker who is as mad about yachts as we are. Chalky is that person, a great sailor and with masses of yachting experience. He kindly says that he couldn’t believe his luck when we first handed him the office keys – neither could we! His practical approach to the showing of yachts and understanding what is important to our clients is fab


Here are a few words from Chalky

Being part of the Berthon team with its great back up personnel behind the scenes makes for a great experience and the Sales Group is successful, professional but most importantly client friendly.

It is a well-known saying that the happiest 2 days of a sailor’s life are on the purchase of a yacht and again on the day of her sale. Having seen this up close at Berthon, I am not sure that this is actually quite correct, but it is key for us to make acquisition day a pleasure, and to ensure that her sale is a positive experience. We care more. Of course, yachting gets into the blood and so our clients return to search for and to find their new yacht soon enough.

In the last few years, my life as a Berthon broker has changed significantly as yacht buyers now search the Web and have a very clear idea of their requirements before they make that first enquiry. That said, good old fashioned voice contact is hard to beat, as is viewing the yachts that have been identified live.

Berthon works hard to produce good particulars, imagery and video and to keep it up to date. This makes the yacht selection process a whole lot easier. The gantry system at the UK offices means that I never lift a ladder, so viewing yachts ashore is a straightforward experience, rather than a balancing act which makes yacht viewing an extreme sport and definitely not a pleasure.

If you find yourself in Lymington on a weekend, and venture into the Sales Offices, if I am the duty broker, I will look forward to meeting you and chatting about, and showing you aboard some of our yachts – no ladder involved!

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