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Windy Boats - The Range

Windy Boats are some of the highest quality and most respected sports boats and performance yachts available today. The Windy ethos is one of a boat builder and not of a mass-production manufacturer, resulting in a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and pride from all those involved in the design and production process.

Windy Sport Cruiser Range

Windy 25 Mirage

The Windy 25 Mirage defies norms in sports boats, proving size isn't everything. Crafted 2001-2004 by Windy Boats.

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Windy 27 Solano

The Windy 27 Solano, from Windy Boats, is a thoroughbred performance sports boat. Drawing on Windy’s know-how of building pure, open speedboats - her modernised retro lines hark back to the low, lean sports boats of the 60s and 70s, but offer exceptional ability, combined with the highest standards of build and finish available today.

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Windy 28 Ghibli

With a production cycle running from 1999 to 2011, the Windy 28 Ghibli was, and remains, a truly classic sports boat. Incredibly usable, eminently versatile and now justifiably in the classic powerboat category.

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Windy 29 Coho

The Windy 29 Coho is a timeless Scandinavian classic that sets the benchmark in sports boat handling and design.

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Windy 29 Coho, IMPULSE

Class: Windy 29 Coho, Year: 2015
Location: St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
Price: £114,950

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 31 Zonda

A true thoroughbred. The lithe, exciting Windy 31 Zonda from the reliable pen of Hans Jørgen Johnsen arrived in 2011, and was an instant success.

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Windy 31 Zonda, DAYZ

Class: Windy 31 Zonda, Year: 2018
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £210,000

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 31 Zonda, ZEPHYR

Class: Windy 31 Zonda, Year: 2012
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £169,950

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 32 Scirocco

Windy 32 Scirocco, crafted late 90s to 2005, epitomizes timeless class in Windy's 'Sports Cruiser' range, blending speed, agility, and comfort.

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Windy 32 Grand Tornado

The Windy 32 Grand Tornado (2005-2011) sets new luxury standards, diverging from its predecessor to offer leisurely sun-seeking cruises.

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Windy 32 Grand Tornado, SPITFIRE

Class: Windy 32 Grand Tornado, Year: 2008
Location: Puerto Portals, Mallorca, Spain
Price: €134,950

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 32 Grand Zonda

The true thoroughbred. The lithe, exciting Windy 32 Grand Zonda carries the torch from her predecessor – the incredibly successful, award-winning and class-defining Windy 31 Zonda.

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Windy 34 Khamsin

The Windy 34 Khamsin, launched in 2001, excelled in performance and design, capturing the hearts of sports cruiser enthusiasts.

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Windy 34 Khamsin, BABYLON

Class: Windy 34 Khamsin, Year: 2001
Location: Poole, Dorset, UK
Price: £99,950

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 37 Grand Mistral

The Windy 37 Grand Mistral, successor to the 36 Grand Mistral, innovated with a sleek design and offered both open and hardtop versions.

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Windy 37 Shamal

The Windy 37 Shamal is Windy’s first collaboration with world-renowned Norwegian-born yacht designer Espen Øino and synergises his trademark styling cues with Windy’s exceptional boatbuilding know-how. The result is a breath-taking large sports boat - showcasing an elevated level of luxury detailing and finish, whilst retaining Windy’s core DNA values of exceptional sea-keeping, rough weather capability and a driving experience that is second to none. The Windy 37 Shamal celebrates all that is Windy, using a design language that is completely contemporary, whilst being inspired by the heritage of the models of the past.

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Windy 39 Camira

The Windy 39 Camira, crafted 2014-2021, boasts exceptional design & performance. Named 2015 Motor Boat of the Year for its stability & ride.

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Windy 39 Camira, COHIBA

Class: Windy 39 Camira, Year: 2014
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £325,000

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 39 Camira, LEVANTER

Class: Windy 39 Camira, Year: 2014
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £339,000

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 39 Camira, BUMBLEBEE

Class: Windy 39 Camira, Year: 2020
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £400,000

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 46 Chinook

Widely acclaimed as the best hardtop sports cruiser of her size, the Windy 46 Chinook exudes top-drawer Scandinavian build quality.

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Windy 46 Chinook, ARELI

Class: Windy 46 Chinook, Year: 2017
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £625,000

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 46 Chinook, HAVILDAR II

Class: Windy 46 Chinook, Year: 2018
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: £730,000

Full Specification (PDF)

Windy 52 Xanthos

The Windy 52 Xanthos redefines luxury with cutting-edge tech & unparalleled performance, setting new standards in motor yachts.

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Windy SR Range

Windy SR26

The Windy SR26 is the smallest of Sweden’s Windy Yacht Projects range and was conceived as a sleek yacht tender; with styling by Harrison Eidsgaard and build and engineering by Windy Boats, to offer versatility in seating and deck layout.

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Windy SR28 CC

When a Windy Boat is born, it is a great moment, and the birth of the brand new Windy SR28 CC is no exception! Designed internally and externally by the Windy Design Team, this new walk-around pure Scandinavian cruiser features stunning, lines, vast versatility and of course the exceptional sea-keeping and heritage that defines every Windy boat.

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Windy SR44 Blackhawk

The fabulous Windy SR44 Blackhawk follows Windy’s 2010 launch of the chase boat - the fabled Windy SR52 Blackbird – the game-changer that set the trend for walk around, centre-helmed, open day boats.

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Windy SR52 Blackbird

The masterpiece that changed everything for Windy and the chase boat that defined the supertender market. Superyacht Magazine rated her as Best Chase Boat 2015, but this exceptional boat has been turning heads since her arrival on the scene at the 2010 Cannes Yachting Festival. She is perhaps the ultimate fast weekender.

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Windy SLR60/SR60

A spectacular 60ft contemporary vessel born of the collaboration between Windy and Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design, the SLR60/SR60 is the ultimate superyacht chase boat. Power, style, luxury and incredible sea ability, this ultra-cool boat has it all!

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