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Iguana Yachts

Welcome to IGUANA YACHTS: the world’s best amphibious sports boat!

Berthon International is proud to be the UK agent for Iguana Yachts, which has been annually building around 20 luxury amphibious sports boats since 2008 from its state-of-the-art facility in Normandy, France. Iguana Yachts have embarked on a new era of yachting with seamless transition between water and land. The unique and worldwide-patented land drive system was invented by French entrepreneur Antoine Brugidou, who wanted a performance luxury powerboat that he could effortlessly park ashore, no matter the tide or sea state. Having amphibious capability empowers you to explore untouched shores, hidden coves, and remote destinations unreachable by traditional boats. Many Superyachts are equipped with Iguanas as tenders, benefiting from their seakeeping ability and capability for getting guests ashore safely. Our clients in the UK have been using their Iguanas for instant access from their waterfront properties, which would not be possible without them.

Iguana Yachts’ raison d’être is simple: to make boating effortless. The worldwide patented land drive system is unique, as it uses tracks that fold up into the hull without affecting the performance on the water. With the tracks deployed, there is a ground clearance of 4ft, which makes landings on the beach with an onshore swell a stress-free exercise. Once on land, the weight is spread across a large surface area, allowing a smooth climb on a wide variety of terrains from soft sand and wet mud to uneven rocks and pebbled beaches. The land drive system is hydraulic and can be powered by a combustion engine or Lithium-Ion batteries for direct power that offers zero emissions! The hull of any Iguana is identical across all the models and is just as clever! The sharp deep-V pierces through waves, while the spray rail that run the full length of the hull create lift and guides the Iguana quickly onto the plane. With the legs safely stowed, these hulls benefit from the 350 kilos of ballast sitting above the waterline on each side, creating remarkable stability for a 30ft sports cruiser. The maximum hull speed for an Iguana is an impressive 60 knots!

The range offers different layouts, styles, and features with RIBs, centre consoles, cabins, bow riders & electric models available, all with the exact same hull and proven land drive system. Owners can enjoy the water within minutes, and parking is easy, safe, and maintenance-free. Please do contact Berthon’s UK office, positioned on the Lymington river, to test drive an Iguana’s superior capability by both land and sea.

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Berthon UK
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