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FPB Motor Yachts

The Berthon Sales Group works with Steve and Linda Dashew supporting the FPB fleet. FPB, which is short for ‘Functional Power Boat’ has been described as a paradigm shift for motor yachting.

FPBs offer exceptional sea keeping and vast range – the FPB series has been developed from the original 83 foot FPB WINDHORSE which Steve and Linda designed and built for their use after the sale of their iconic record breaking 80 foot ketch BEOWULF. They cruised her for over 60,000 nautical miles and used their experience aboard her to develop other FPB models.

FPBs offer range, the ability to surf, recovery from capsize and are ruggedly built to withstand punishment in high and low latitude as well as providing a comfortable and well ventilated platforms in the tropics. Their oversized stabilisers are effective at sea, housed in separated coffer dams for security and allow the yachts to dry out when needed. All have Great Rooms that offer 360 degree vision in a space that is used for relaxing, eating, food preparation and from which the yacht is controlled.

The FPB programme has now closed because Steve and Linda have retired and there will be no new FPBs built. The complete FPB fleet comprises 18 hulls – 11 x 64s, 2 x 70s, 3 x 78s, 1 x 83 and 1 x 97. We work with Dashew Offshore to offer the definitive brokerage service for these yachts. We also hold all the plans – lines and all technical drawings as well as the original design notes written by Steve and Linda. We are organising these into an archive for the future and to offer a resource to the owners of the FPB fleet members.

The future of FPB Motor Yachts – with MD Sue Grant & designer Steve Dashew

FPB 64

The FPB 64 fleet is well proven and is the perfect tool for a couple with guests to cruise far aboard. They provide a safe and reliable platform for their owners and guests with a range of over 5,000 nautical miles.

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Class: FPB 64, Year: 2012
Location: Ventura, CA, USA
Price: US$1,950,000

Full Specification (PDF)

FPB 70

The most recent FPB design – the FPB 70. They were developed for family cruising with guests providing a bridge between the FPB 64 and the larger FPB 78, which has the potential to carry crew, to deliver an owner-driver yacht with flexible guest accommodation.

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FPB 78

FPB 78 #1 was built for Steve and Linda Dashew and launched in June 2016. She was followed by 2 further FPB 78s. These yachts are easy to handle, with volume enough for dedicated crew quarters.

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Class: FPB 78, Year: 2017
Location: Guernsey, UK
Price: US$6,500,000

Full Specification (PDF)


Class: FPB 78, Year: 2016
Location: Lymington, Hampshire, UK
Price: US$6,500,000

Full Specification (PDF)

FPB 83

The first of the Functional Power Boats from Dashew Offshore, the only FPB 83 was built for Steve and Linda Dashew, to be operated easily by two people but with good accommodation for six.

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Class: FPB 83, Year: 2005
Location: Beaufort, NC, USA
Price: US$3,300,000

Full Specification (PDF)

FPB 97

The largest and fastest of the FPB fleet to launch the FPB 97 provides effortless transatlantic ability at over 12 knots.

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FPB 130

Forever a concept yacht – the FPB 130 demonstrates how the qualities of the FPB brand can be successfully scaled in order to deliver a crewed yacht with enormous range, speed and extraordinary seakeeping.

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