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Solaris Yachts

Our agency originally started as Solaris Yachts UK, a joint venture between Richard Baldwin and Berthon International. Richard has been selling Solaris Yachts for years and he and Berthon have worked together for many more in the general yacht market. Our reach has since expanded into other areas with the addition of Berthon Scandinavia and Berthon USA as Solaris Yachts sales agents.

Solaris Yachts began constructing yachts in 1974 and the yard has a great history of both building and refitting custom yachts. Today Solaris builds a world class range of performance cruising yachts from 40 feet to 112 feet, all of which are designed by Javier Soto Acebal and the Solaris in house design team. In addition to their high quality class yachts, they also have an active custom division.

With their distinctive Italian good looks, sparkling sailing and light, airy interiors, they offer effortless performance with an easily managed sail plan and a very high degree of creature comfort below decks. Very much a sailor’s yacht, they can achieve fast passage times without the need for large crews and with their striking lines cutting a dash in any anchorage.

Key to Solaris Yachts is their uncompromising approach to strong and stiff construction, a trademark of this is the 40mm main bulkhead, which is fully laminated to both the hull and the deck, as are all partial bulkheads and joinery. This provides a strong and stable monolithic structure. The craftsmen at Solaris adopt a thoughtful approach to all aspects of the yacht’s build, from keel attachment to chain plates to the faultless interior joinery. The quality of build is evident throughout.

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Solaris 40

Introducing the new baby of the range. The rakishly good looking Solaris 40 - with full width transom and twin wheels set well outboard, reverse bow, forward chine and fitted with the optional carbon bowsprit, she cuts a dash. With the pedigree of her big sisters already well established, she will deliver in spades, comfort performance and style. Four hulls sold off plan proves the market needs little convincing on this new yacht - as the saying goes “if it looks right”…

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Solaris 44

The Solaris 44 sets a new standard in the performance cruising sector. For the first time, a yacht of this size has four winches positioned aft, close to the helmsman, to control all the below-deck lines and enable safe short-handed sailing. The Soto design continues the consistent theme of the range, with a fast, stable and forgiving hull shape that sports a dreadnought bow for maximum water line length and a broad, stern to reduce drag and increase stability. Another new feature is the twin rudders, which provide excellent directional stability, especially in heavy conditions. The hull design also provides for a roomy and light interior, with three double cabins and one bathroom as standard, and an optional second bathroom forward.

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Solaris 50

April 2022 saw the launch of the ‘new’ Solaris 50. Designer Javier Soto Acebal was on hand, via Zoom from Argentina, to brief on the advancements and innovations of the benchmark vessel. Given its reception, this fresh take Solaris 50 is set to be a class leader in the 15m segment. A stiff and powerful yacht delivering both surefooted performance and an unrivalled level of opulence below decks.

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Solaris 55

The first Solaris with twin rudders and the second to grace the cover page of Yachting World magazine. The Solaris 55 is a truly luxurious short-handed passagemaker, strong and stable yet with finger light steering even under full load. The almost flush coach roof and sleek hull make this the prettiest 55-footer afloat and the increased hull volume allows for all the long distance equipment such as generator, water-maker, and air-conditioning to be carried without affecting trim. The interior offers three double cabins all with en-suite bathrooms, large forward-facing chart table and spacious C-shaped galley, traditional yet modern and finished in typical Solaris quality.

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Solaris 60

The Solaris 60 is a proper cruiser/racer inspired by the idea of creating a mini-Maxi. A fast and powerful yacht in heavy seas, the helming position, well outboard, offers superb vision forward for the helmsman. Attention has been paid to the correct distribution of all variable weight to ensure that it remains amidships in order to retain the correct trim of the yacht. She has a modern reverse bow for improved wave penetration. The interior can be specified to the new owner's every whim. The tender garage has longitudinal access so the dinghy and outboard can remain together for launch, the retrieval of which is accomplished using a capstan winch.

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Solaris 64 RS

The Solaris 64 RS is the entry model of the Solaris ‘raised saloon’ yacht range and has been an instant success. Conceived for extended bluewater sailing and built to the proven Solaris monolithic structural concept. Below decks the raised saloon creates an impressive visual impact and the raised saloon floor allows for all the heavy items such as engine, generator, watermaker, fuel and water tanks to be located centrally to guarantee near perfect weight distribution that translates into reduced pitching and increased stability. The deck layout, developed by Solaris, creates a yacht easily handled by a small crew. Amongst the unique features of the 64 RS is the off-set companionway which allows for a separate and safe guest cockpit seating area and has the added benefit of increasing space below decks for the aft accommodation.

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Solaris 68 RS

Much like her smaller sistership - the Solaris 68 RS has been developed for long distance bluewater cruising. The increase in size offers a little more flexibility with interior layouts to suit a range of owner requirements. Luxury cruising is the main aim and a lot of thought has been given to her seakeeping and performance, the machine room, tankage and systems being centrally positioned for maximum comfort at sea with the high performance hull. Again, as with all the Solaris range, the deck layout is optimised to be easily and safely managed by a small crew.

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Solaris 74 RS

The new Solaris 74 RS is an important model as the yard’s prestigious reputation was built on yachts in the seventy-to-eighty-foot size range. The very latest hull design evolutions are evident with the forward chine that creates amazing interior volume and increased buoyancy, while the full width stern has rounded and powerful quarters for hull form stability. The cockpit layout has the latest outboard helm positions to provide unparalleled forward visibility of both the sea and the sail trim. The interior offers a number of layouts with four cabins plus the option of separate crew quarters.

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Solaris 80 RS

The largest in the RS range, the Solaris 80 RS is a true world girdling yacht encompassing all that is good about Solaris who strive for development and innovation. The 80 offers a range of semi-custom interiors and the proven deck arrangement and systems developed by Solaris. She is constructed using the best composite materials, pre-preg sprint technology. All this gives you a yacht that can sail the world’s oceans with unparalleled comfort, performance and safety.

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Solaris 111 SY

A truly custom yacht and the first of the Solaris Maxi yachts, like the 80, she is built at the Solaris advanced composites facility. Offering variable draft and custom interior solutions, the first of the Solaris 111 SY launched summer 2020. More details upon request.

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