Berthon’s Customs Warehouse

Berthon's Customs Warehouse Map 2019

Customs Warehouse Map 2019

The Berthon Customs Warehouse has been approved by HM Revenue and Customs and set up under their guidance. It is a secure area where yachts that are ex-VAT are stored and can be offered for sale. On sale there are various options –

  1. If a European National purchases the yacht for use in the EU, VAT is returned to HMRC on sale.
  2. If a European National who is not intending to bring the yacht into use in Europe purchases her, the supply can be zero rated.
  3. If a non-EU national purchases the yacht the supply can be zero rated.

All yachts in the UK being offered for sale have to account for VAT. Customs warehousing exercises strict control over the yacht whilst for sale and enables this to occur.

Yachts coming into the Berthon Customs Warehouse must be correctly entered and Berthon will assist with these formalities. Yacht owners are asked to work with us to ensure that we observe the current HMRC regulations.

Yachts can be sea-trialed as part of the survey process under strict control.

If you would like to know more about placing your yacht in the Berthon Customs Warehouse or if you would like to talk about purchasing one of our ex-VAT yachts in the UK contact Sue Grant (

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