Bluewater Yacht Sales Specialists

Bluewater Yacht SalesBerthon specialises in the sale of blue water cruising yachts, and it is an enormous privilege to deal in a sector of the market where so many yachtsmen have extraordinary adventures aboard their yachts. We often sell the same yacht a number of times, and will buy and sell for yachtsmen as their ambition to cruise oceans and go further afield develops.

World Cruising ClubBerthon are the official brokers to the ARC rally, and sponsors of the event. Every year we stage a party in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria before the rally begins. Click to browse our bluewater yacht sales listings. View Website

Ocean Cruising ClubIn addition, we work closely with the Ocean Cruising Club, which is a splendid organisation supporting blue water cruising in all corners of the globe. View Website