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Solaris 50

The original Solaris 50 was a pioneering yacht – introduced to the market in 2015 by Solaris Yachts. The Solaris 50 was developed using the best of the Solaris 48, but with some evolutionary new design ideas and using modern technology. For Solaris, the 50 represented a huge leap forward for the brand, whilst retaining the DNA of Solaris in terms of quality, sea keeping and performance.

April 2022 saw the launch of the ‘new’ Solaris 50. Designer Javier Soto Acebal was on hand, via Zoom from Argentina, to brief on the advancements and innovations of the benchmark vessel. Given its reception, this fresh take Solaris 50 is set to be a class leader in the 15m segment. A stiff and powerful yacht delivering both surefooted performance and an unrivalled level of opulence below decks.

Notable Advancements and Innovations:

  • The self-contained fore and aft dinghy garage that makes launching and retrieval of the 2.5m rib a breeze.
  • Twin steering wheels are positioned fully outboard offering the helmsman a very clear view of the jib, code luffs and oncoming waves.
  • The side decks end forward of the steering wheels and a half step makes movement from the cockpit to the side decks much easier and has the added advantage of water not reaching the helmsman.
  • The expansive cockpit enables the option of twin cockpit tables.
  • Twin rudder blades improve directional stability, reduce weather helm and enable the yacht to carry more sail area in higher wind speeds resulting in safer and faster sailing.
  • 18% more stable by virtue of the hull form stability, in particular fuller forward sections.
  • 4% increased wetted surface, although the same wetted surface when the windward rudder blade flies clear of the water.

This Solaris 50 has delivered a yacht that is easier and more forgiving to sail, but still maintains the crisp and connected feel at the helm. Solaris yachts are undoubtedly good-looking vessels and this theme is very much continued below decks – with the option of additional interior customizations by design house Poltrona Frau. This gives owners the opportunity to create an individual and top-end interior, which in summary can include –

  • The progression of the hull design has also paid dividends below deck – creating an interior that would challenge larger yachts.
  • Three double cabins with the option of twin cabin port aft.
  • A generous well-appointed galley with large refrigeration and a choice of options, wine cooler’s icemakers… All of those necessities for comfort aboard.
  • The Solaris 50 also has the option for fitted a crew berth in the bow.
  • A choice of interior finishes – light oak, teak, washed and antiqued oak.
  • On deck given vast expanse of flush teak, there are numerous opportunities to add a sun pad here and there.

The craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality throughout is as you would expect from Solaris Yachts.

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Solaris Power Yacht Finance
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Solaris 50 Interior 1 Interior
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Solaris 50 Interior 3 Interior
Solaris 50 Interior 4 Interior
Solaris 50 Interior 5 Interior
Solaris 50 Interior 6 Interior
Solaris 50 Interior 7 Interior
Solaris 50 Interior 8 Interior
Solaris 50 Interior 9 Interior

Yacht Specifications

LOA:50’10” / 15.50m
LWL:48’2” / 14.68m
Beam:15’8” / 4.78m
Draft:9’2” / 2.80m; 8’6” / 2.6m – 7’9” / 2.35m opt.
Displacement:15,900kg / 25,054lb
Ballast:4,850kg / 10,692lb
Sail Area:155 MQ
Engine:Volvo P. 50 hp D2 50 S/SR optional 75 hp
Water:510l (112 gallons)
Fuel:370l (81 gallons)
CE RINA:Open Sea Category A
DESIGN:Javier Soto Acebal

Yacht Layout

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