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Windy 25 Mirage

In the world of sports boats, where power and performance are often tied to size, there exists a remarkable exception – the Windy 25 Mirage, crafted by Windy Boats from 2001 to 2004.

Central to the Mirage’s exceptional performance is its true deep V hull, meticulously designed by Hans Jorgen Johnsen. This hull design not only allows the Mirage to slice through choppy waters with ease but also ensures a safe and exhilarating driving experience. With a 23-degree transom dead rise, sharpening to 25 degrees through the midships section, and culminating in a knife-like 45-degree bow shape, the Mirage exhibits immense strength and agility. The Wintec multi-axial glass lay-up of the hull further enhances its durability and performance, making it a standout in its class.

The cockpit of the Mirage exudes simplicity and elegance. Wrapped in a U-shaped seat with teak trimmings, it offers a cozy and inviting space for up to four guests. The helm area features two rotating seats, providing optimal comfort and control for the skipper. The ergonomic helm console, clear dash, and wrap-around screen ensure a commanding view and a seamless driving experience, even in challenging weather conditions.

Despite its compact size, the Mirage offers surprisingly comfortable accommodation below deck. The cabin includes a double berth, which can be converted into a table and sofa arrangement if needed, along with a heads for added convenience. The cockpit shower aft and the moulded basin with bottle cabinet cater to guest needs during extended time aboard.

Motor Boat & Yachting’s 1999 review aptly dubbed the Mirage as “The best handling boat in the world,” a testament to its exceptional performance on the water. The open U-shaped sofa aft of the helm area provides additional seating and can be covered under a camper canopy for extended stays or a tonneau cover for daily use. Ample storage options, including smoothly moulded lockers and a teak-laid floor with a stowage hold, ensure that essential items are securely stowed away.

In conclusion, the Windy 25 Mirage stands out as a compact powerhouse in the world of sports boats. Its combination of performance, elegance, and practicality makes it a favourite among enthusiasts who seek an exhilarating yet comfortable boating experience.

Whether slicing through choppy seas or cruising leisurely along the coastline, the Mirage delivers on all fronts, proving that size is not always indicative of capability.

Windy 25 Mirage Specifications

Length overall 7.68m
Beam 2.50m
Height 1.96m
Weight from 2,200kg
Fuel capacity 300 ltr
Fresh water capacity 70 ltr
Berths 2
Naval Architect Hans Jørgen Johnsen
Windy 25 Mirage 1 Main
Windy 25 Mirage 3
Windy 25 Mirage 4
Windy 25 Mirage 5
Windy 25 Mirage 6
Windy 25 Mirage 7
Windy 25 Mirage 8
Windy 25 Mirage 9
Windy 25 Mirage 10
Windy 25 Mirage 11
Windy 25 Mirage 12
Windy 25 Mirage 13
Windy 25 Mirage 14
Windy 25 Mirage 15
Windy 25 Mirage 16
Windy 25 Mirage 17
Windy 25 Mirage 18
Windy 25 Mirage 19
Windy 25 Mirage 20
Windy 25 Mirage 21
Windy 25 Mirage 22
Windy 25 Mirage 23
Windy 25 Mirage 24
Windy 25 Mirage 25
Windy 25 Mirage 26
Windy 25 Mirage 27
Windy 25 Mirage 28
Windy 25 Mirage 29