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Harry Camera @ Berthon

By Sue Grant

The arrival of Harry Shutler at Berthon in June 2016 was a great event. Suddenly we had a photographer all of our own, who could do photographs and stuff…. How cool is that? This was in the days when the broker’s iPhone was king and video was unheard of. Whilst Harry was a jolly nice chap and took much better photos of yachts and imagery for our Berthon Book, we were a little bit puzzled as what to do with him…


Fast forward to today, and he is essential equipment in the toolbox of the Berthon broker whether in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden or the USA. Video has come of age and when not out on the water or clambering around yachts, Harry may be found in his lair which remains locked when he is not in residence.

It’s an office full of cameras, computers and all sorts of other magic stuff, and there he sits earphones on, gazing at one of his many screens, absorbed in Harry Camera’s world… hush, we say tip toeing past, Harry is editing (whatever that is).

We ask him to climb ladders to photograph yachts ashore, to don oilskins and jump aboard RIBs to chase our yachts around the Solent, camera in hand. As an extra treat, we turf him off the RIB at the end of the sequence onto the yacht that he has been filming to photograph her on deck and coming back to port.

We demand that the drone is flown to record the Berthon fleet from above and watch as he attempts to catch it from the bow of a RIB without losing too many of his fingers.


We ask him to film us interviewing owners and others in complicated spaces and at inconvenient times, and this year we have even exported him overnight to the Channel Islands to film the awesome FPB 78#1 COCHISE on a trip to export her and then to return to our Customs Warehouse at Berthon.

Photographs of varying degrees of competence are WeTransferred to the lair and transformed. Film and voice-overs arrive from all our offices. The humble iPhone becomes a Leica in his hands. Professional photographers internationally are briefed and drilled by Harry and provide imagery that meets the Harry litmus test.

We have now learnt the language of Harry as we use video more frequently –

1. ‘I like it!’
(It’s barely usable but I can do something with it).

2. ‘That was great, but can you do it one more time?’
(It’s such complete rubbish that I can’t use it at all so you will have to do it again).

3. Of course I can re-do it – won’t take long!’
(This job will take me at least half a day in the lair and the same time again to re-render it).

If you find yourself at your screen try:
Berthon International Instagram

Updated by Harry, the Berthon International’s Instagram is worth keeping tabs on, for the incredible imagery that just keeps coming.


Harry Camera @ Berthon – we, the Sales Team – salute you…

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